Policarpo Baquera (he/him) is a creative technologist and architect, born in Alicante (Spain), now living in Pittsburgh (US). His practice combines physical and digital rapid prototyping, creative coding, electronics, robotics, and audiovisual interfaced systems that explore the virtual mediation of tangible environments through responsive recycled assemblages and site-specific multimedia installations.

⁕ He is currently pursuing a MS in Tangible Interaction Design from Carnegie Mellon University and holds a master's degree in Architecture and Urban Design from the Polytechnic University of Madrid and the University of São Paulo. He has 5+ years of international experience working as a production and architectural designer at EMPTY Dubai, AZPML in London, or Langarita-Navarro in Madrid. His personal work has been exhibited at Oslo Architecture Triennale, CDAN-Fundación Beulas, or CentroCentro Madrid, and has been awarded the European prize Young Talent Architectural Award from Mies Van Der Rohe Foundation in 2016 and "laCaixa" Fellowship 2019 ($140k). You can find him on Vimeo, Instagram, LinkedIn, or via email.