Geographic Strategic Plan for Frontier Territories

M Arch Final Thesis (highest honors)
Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Feb 2016

Geofront is the Strategic Development Plan for the construction of a Neutral State of the Strait of Gibraltar (NSSG) set across the water frontier existing between Algeciras (Spain) and Gibraltar (United Kingdom). This fictional manifesto consists of a cartographical set of detailed plans and technical instructions that outline a series of procedures and rules for the creation and management over time of this new territory. The NSSG is divided into twelve topoi sketched as geographic canvases: artificial islands intended to be virgin territories and programmed as self-sufficient organisms in the sea. Each topos revalorizes and renegotiates the boundaries between sovereign nations demarcating a new definition of place in the Alboran Sea.

Geofront draws on Aldous Huxley's Island, Thoreau's Walden or Thomas More's Utopia, providing a visual reinterpretation of Neutral Moresnet —a one-century-lasting state jointly administered by Belgium, Netherlands, and the Kingdom of Prussia after the demise of Napoleon's Empire—, and 'understanding the Strait of Gibraltar as a mirror of the transformations in the contemporary world, rather than a geographical singularity' (FADAIAT, 2005).

'Geofront swims between a floating landscape,
infrastructure engineering, and
a conflict in which geopolitical and social issues are confronted
design as a political tool and a spatial practice within a new emergent socio-political space.'

(YTAA Jury, 2016)

• Awarded 1st Prize YTAA Young Talent Architecture Award 2016 by Mies Van der Rohe Foundation.
• Awarded 1st Prize Eduardo Torroja Engineering Award 2016.
• Awarded 1st Prize PFC Strikes 2016 at ETSA Madrid.
• Awarded 2nd Prize Cátedra HNA 2017 Hermandad Nacional de Arquitectos.
• Selected project at Principios Excelentes 2017: Final Thesis Projects 12+12 Madrid-Barcelona.
• Selected project at Archiprix Hunter Douglas Award 2017.
• Exhibited at the Future Architecture Platform 2018 conference at MAO Museum of Architecture and Design in Ljubljana.
• Exhibited at Documents (to come) curated by Guillermo Fernández-Abascal, Jacobo García German, Raquel Diaz de la Campa and Manuel del Rio at the 14th Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism in 2018.
• Exhibited at El Borde de una Herida curated by Juan Guardiola in Centro Centro Madrid and CDAN Fundación Beulas Huesca in 2017.
• Featured in Archdaily, AV Proyectos #75, Metalocus, El Diario de León, and various other digital platforms.