Al Shindagha Museum

Exhibition & Architectural Integration Design, Construction Administration, Project Management, Technical Drafting
Dubai (United Arab Emirates)
2018 - 2019

People and Faith and Emerging City are two of the new museums developed in the historic Dubai Area, specifically the remodeled houses of Al Shindagha. This development is part of a larger plan to open 25 museums in order to revitalize this important area of the city and transform it into a cultural hub.

During my time at EMPTY, I worked on the DD (Design Development) and CA (Construction Administration) phases, where I developed construction plans and models detailing interior architectural finishes and showcase structures. Additionally, I was responsible of coordinating the production, fabrication, and installation of museographic elements within the existing architecture collaborating with on-site craftsmen, overseeing the manufacturing processes with external vendors, and creating comprehensive O&M (Operations & Maintenance) technical documentation.

– Photos Credits: EMPTY, Policarpo Baquera. Drawings: Policarpo Baquera. Video: SIGNWORKS Dubai.