Google Cambridge Events Experience

Technical Project Management, Construction Administration, Architectural Design, Agile Management, Hardware Integration, AV Coordination, Operations Training and Maintenance Service
In collaboration with SOSO,  Utile Architecture, Merge Architects, Charcoalblue
Cambridge, MA
2021 - 2023

An architecturally-integrated digital signage system that combines wayfinding, event information, and environmental brand expression into an immersive experience. The expression layer algorithmically creates room-sized typographic compositions of poetry authored by machine learning.

After completion of the project’s hardware and software deployment, commissioning, tuning, and cleanup, I ran a project retrospective (*) that compared expected and real project’s delivery and reflected on the project’s scoping and scheduling strategy proposing solutions to improve its overall performance.

(*) Why is a project retrospective important?
— T
o identify the cause of schedule delays and project’s completion variance.
— To evaluate scope delivery and propose changes to simplify the scope critical path.
To understand the project’s profitability and link that profitability to concrete project. events.
To suggest mitigation plans to improve project performance and establish guidelines for future implementation.